SoCal Day 2: Universal Studios

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been here as a kid & if I have, it must’ve been so long ago because I cannot even remember. This place severely lacked shade. I was sweating just STANDING. Ate at Johnny’s Rockets on the City Walk. There was also a Harry Potter store there that I HAD to go into of course, but I didn’t buy anything. Took the Studio Tour first & it was the best thing here. I didn’t realize how big the studios were & it was interesting knowing how filming works. After the Studio Tour, we went on the Transformers 3-D ride & that one was fun. It made me a little dizzy after. Our last ride was the Jurassic Park one & that one took the longest, but it was also really fun. We got soaked at the end! I really wasn’t expecting that. I had to go to the restroom after to fix my false eyelashes because they came off from the water ); The Jurassic Park store was dope too because of all the merchandise. I bought a t-shirt too. They really should make a Jurassic World ride where we could ride on the spheres from the movie.

It’s about to be lit Spring 2016! They won’t have Diagon Alley like Florida does though.

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