Garden of Eden

Went to this place last year to look for the Garden of Eden, but we couldn’t find it at the time. We went back today & finally found it! It wasn’t as far as I thought. It was easy to find. Apparently it used to be less crowded when it wasn’t well known about, but it is super freaking crowded now. We chilled there a bit, but went to a different area a while after. We were kind of hoping for something more secluded. It was hot walking to the Garden of Eden, but the water is super cold! Bet it feels nice on a hotter day. The woods/park itself is nice, it’s just the swimming hole that kind of disappointed me.
I have a huge list of places I want to go to & things I want to do. I’m super afraid that I’m going to end up being disappointed in all the swimming holes & hikes that are on my list. I think my expectations are just high after experiencing all the nice waterfalls, swimming holes, & hikes that I did in Hawaii. I mean really, how can I notΒ have high expectations from a beautiful place compared to our dry California?

Maybe I would’ve found this place cooler if I had found it earlier. I hope that my list of waterfalls, swimming holes, & hikes don’t disappoint );

I’m going on a different hike tomorrow to see some waterfalls! It’s quite far from where I live. I want to bring my dog, but I’m still on the fence about it.

I want to go to Yosemite, but there’s barely any time left for summer since it’s nearly August & I’m busy for the month. Hopefully I can go to Yosemite during Autumn or Winter. I haven’t been camping, but if I want to do it for the first time, I’d definitely want it to be at Yosemite.

I want to bring my cousins on more of my adventures, but we have to get our schedules together & I’m not sure if any of them are down to wake up extremely early! Thankfully I’m used to waking up early all the time so going on an adventure early in the morning is easy for me now, I just don’t get to go to many places often. I only get to go on my days off ;l

Enjoy the photos!Β Here’s from one adventure to the next!


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