Day 7: Waimano Falls Fail x Waimano Falls x Paradise Cove Luau

Woke up early, but not as early as the other days for the hikes. We headed to Waimano Falls & it was raining quite a bit, so we decided to hold off on it until it cleared up a bit. We spent time getting the souvenirs out of the way & by the time we were done it was still raining a bit in Waimano Falls so we went back to Waikiki to finish our souvenir shopping. After souvenirs, we headed to Waimano Falls. I thought that Maunawili Falls was hard, but NOPE. I was definitely wrong. Maunawili Falls wasn’t hard. THIS hike was SOOOO much harder. I think that if it hadn’t rained, it would’ve been easier to hike down to. He got hurt & I felt like crying because I felt soooo bad that he got hurt. It was me who wanted to go too. He wanted to go through with it when I said it was okay if we just skipped it.

We finally hiked down & I was disappointed that the water wasn’t clear/blue like the pictures on google. He explained that it’s because all the water was rain water. He said that it’s usually really nice 3 days after it rains because all the rain water drains out. Ugh. It made me upset & kind of sad because we didn’t get to swim in it. If it hadn’t rained for the past 3 days, it definitely would’ve been nicer. They have two rope swings though which is cool for jumping in! There were a couple people there, but definitely not as many as Maunawili Falls.

After Waimano Falls we headed back to the hotel because we wanted to shower. We felt super gross & dirty. Then we got ready for the Paradise Cove Luau. It was humid, but there was a breeze which felt nice. There were plenty of things going on before the dinner & Luau show. There was arts & crafts, small shop stands, drinks, tattoos, gift shop, spear throwing, canoeing, & small side shows.


My favorite part of the entire Luau was the show! It was so fun! The fire part was really fun! The food was really good too. It was a buffet, but we got served because we got a deluxe deal. We sat across people who are also from Bay Area/California. They’re from Santa Rosa (I think that’s what they said). They were really nice too ^_^


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