Day 6: Diamond Head State Monument x Honolulu Museum of Art x Lanikai Beach

Finally got around to editing the most photos I took solely from this one day out of my entire trip! I edited these while I was stuck on the plane for 5 hours.

Day 6: Woke up early to hike Diamond Head. Gates didn’t open until 6AM for parking. It’s a good thing we didn’t wake up too early then. We got through the hike in about 40 minutes. I really don’t know why everyone was stressing that this hike was hard because it wasn’t AT ALL. It was actually super disappointing. The view wasn’t even worth it. I kinda wish we didn’t do it because it was a waste of a plan, but I’m all for experience I guess while I was there!

Headed to the Honolulu Museum of Art around noon. This activity was definitely my second favorite out of everything else we’ve done thus far. I think my sister would’ve liked this museum too. What really made me like this museum was the fact that they had so many different pieces of art from different countries. This museum had so much more variety than I’ve seen at others. They had an exhibition of art from the Philippines & it made me a little sad because I don’t think I’ve actually ever been to a museum that presented an exhibition from my ethnic background. Everything was beautiful. I really wish I could’ve stayed longer, but we were running short of time. I had to quickly go through the last few rooms because we needed to leave by a certain time. I literally liked pretty much everything except for the Modern & Contemporary, but that’s a given if you know me well enough because I’m not really fond of those two art movements. The photos really do not do this place justice.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Impressionist, Post-Impressionist Art, 18th-Century European Art, Portraiture, 17th-Century European Art, Modernism, Works on Paper, Temporary Exhibitions, Antiquity+The Body, & Medieval+Renaissance.

one of my favorite pieces that I saw there

It took me a while to figure out who this painting was by because I forgot to take a photo of the sign. I thought it was Pissarro. I asked my sister & she thought that if it wasn’t him, it was Seurat or Sisley, but neither of those two had work presented there. I would’ve remembered. I had to zoom into my photo & realized that Henri-Edmond Cross’s name was signed on the bottom left. It was bothering me for hours that I couldn’t figure out who it was. They didn’t have any work from Degas or Sisley (my other two favorites), but at least they had Monet & Renoir!

Henri-Edmond Cross “Landscape”

Camille Pissarro “Morning, Winter Sunshine, Frost, the Pont-Neuf, the Seine, the Louvre, Soleil D’hiver”

Camille Pissarro “Rouen, Saint-Sever, Morning)

Vincent Van Gogh “Wheat Field”

Paul Cezanne “A Copse”

Claude Monet “Water Lilies”

I really wanted a photo of this, but couldn’t get a good one (second photo) because of the glare from the glass );

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibition: Arts of Hawaii

Charles Furneaux “Hilo”

William Alexander Coulter “Manoa Valley”
This was the only photo I took from the Contemporary exhibition. I clearly wasn’t that interested. lol.

This was from the Modernism Exhibition. This was the only thing that I liked because it looks like something I just saw in a newspaper recently.

Andy Warhol “Birmingham Race Riot”

 Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Indonesian Art, Arts of the Islamic World, Southeast Asian Art, Indian Art, & Textiles.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Pan-Asian Buddhism, Japanese Art, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Chinese Art, & Korean Art.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibition: Art of the Philippines

Miscellaneous photos from exhibitions: American Art, The Pacific, Africa, Ancient Latin America, & North America.

After the Honolulu Museum of Art we headed straight to Lanikai Beach. We stayed there for a couple of hours. I finally got to use my floatie! I wish I had bought one sooner to make better use of it, but I have a pool back at home so I could always use it there I guess.


 My old co-worker always posts cute “Follow Me To” photos with her boyfriend so I wanted to do one too ^_^ The Follow Me To photo idea is originally from Murad Osmann.

After the beach we went back to the hotel to shower & then headed out for dinner.

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