Day 5: Lanikai Pillbox Hiking x Kualoa Ranch x Lanikai Beach

We headed to the Lanikai Pillbox hike around 630AM. The first part was hard, but overall it wasn’t that bad. The view was worth it. I thought we got there faster than I thought. We didn’t stay long because it started to rain. I’m so glad that when it rains, it’s humid so that I don’t completely hate the weather. I never thought I would walk around with shorts & a tank top while it’s raining & then be okay with it. The whole humid & rain weather reminds me of the Philippines.

After breakfast & our hike, we headed back to the hotel to shower & change.

Our view

After the hotel, we got gas & then headed to the Kualoa Ranch for the ATV tour. It took forever to get there because it was so far from where we were staying. Once we got there, it was sooooo humid. We had a bit of time to kill because our tour didn’t start until 145PM. So we walked around the gift shop & chilled a bit. We had a small group with us, but it was okay. Our tour guide looked like Stephen Colletti. LOL. He was real chill though & funny so I’m glad we got him. We took the ATV tour to filming locations such as Lost, Wind Talkers, 50 First Dates, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young, Jurassic Park, etc. The tour was about 2 hours. It started raining during the middle of our tour so he gave us ponchos, but then it stopped once we rode to a different area. I seriously had so much fun. The view throughout the entire tour was completely gorgeous. We both agreed that this has probably been our favorite thing we’ve done thus far.

Our tour guide made us do this I swear! HAHAHAH

After the tour we ate at the ranch & then headed to Lanikai Beach. I thought the other beaches were my favorite, but I changed my mind. THIS one was my favorite. It’s clean, calm, not too crowded, clear water, & the waves weren’t too crazy. We stayed there for a bit & we decided that we had time to kill after the museum on Sunday (Day 6) so we decided we’re going to come back.

Once we left it started raining so it’s a good thing we left at the right time. We headed back to the hotel & spent the rest of the evening in. He wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t have dinner. I was too tired anyway.

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