Day 5: Boot’s & Kimo’s

After the Lanikai Pillbox hike (previous post) we went to eat at Boot’s & Kimo’s since we missed out on it the other day. We got breakfast & their famous Macadamia Pancakes with the macadamia sauce. The hype was right about this one! So far, that place has been my favorite in terms of eating.

I won’t be able to update a post for Day 6, Day 7, & Day 8 (last day) until I get back home because I have so many photos to edit from Day 6! I went crazy & took so many photos at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Throughout this vacation, the ATV was my favorite. My second favorite was going to the Honolulu Museum of Art so I can’t wait to share that post with you all once I’m done editing the photos ^_^

So today is my last day here! I’m really sad to go because it’s so beautiful here, but I do miss my bed, roaming around San Francisco, & of course my boba spots! lol. I do want to come back to Hawaii again, but most likely not Oahu. If I come back, it will be either Kauai or Maui. I’ll be flying back in a couple of hours so I’m going to finish packing & getting souvenirs…right after this shower!  ♥

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