Day 4: Leonard’s Bakery x Cinnamon’s

On Friday we had Leonard’s for breakfast & we got their guava filled+chocolate filled donuts. I didn’t really like the guava. I think it’s just me in general. I don’t like my donuts with filling inside so you can see my dilemma here.

For lunch we ate at Cinnamon’s. I got their crab cake benedict & we shared the guava pancakes. Both are popular dishes off the menu. The crab cake benedict lives up to the hype. & this is coming from a girl who doesn’t really like crab cakes. We didn’t like the guava pancakes ); Idk what it is, but maybe I just like guava by itself or as juice.

We were supposed to have Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice & Zippy’s for dinner, but Matsumoto’s closed early & we forgot to write that in our itinerary! We didn’t eat Zippy’s for dinner either because he was feeling sick so we just spent the rest of the night in );

I’ll try to update with another post soon!

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