Day 4: Iolani Palace Fail x King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center x Iolani Palace x Waimea Falls x Waimea Beach Park

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been trying to update, but the internet here has been incredibly slow. It’s a little infuriating because it costs a lot, but we’re not receiving the service we’re paying for. So you can understand a bit of my frustration. It’s so slow that I’m using my mobile hotspot instead. Anyway, here’s a post about what we did on Friday!

Friday was pretty much a day full of fails, but we still tried to make the most of what we could.

We headed to Iolani Palace around 9AM, but they weren’t doing any more tours until 11AM because students booked all the early tours! So we decided to wait for the 11AM tour.

It started raining pretty hard, but it was still so humid. We didn’t want to waste time or wait around in the rain for about 2 hours so we went exploring to the next best thing to kill time. We went across the street to the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center. It was free so that was a good thing for us! It didn’t take that long to get through it, but it was pretty cool learning a bit of their governmental history.

We started heading back to Iolani Palace around 10:50AM.

We thoroughly enjoyed Iolani Palace. My dad & sister probably would’ve enjoyed this tour as well. Our tour guide was very educational about the history of the palace & Hawaiian history in general. The tour is about 45 min-1 hour which isn’t that bad. We got to cover the main areas of the rooms. My favorite rooms out of the entire tour would have to be the Gold Room & the Ballroom.

The Gold Room

The Ballroom

Our second to last plan of the day was Waimea Falls. It costs $15 per person to get into the Waimea Garden/Falls. The walk to Waimea Falls took long, but it was probably because I was taking so many stops to take pictures. The views during the walk to Waimea Falls is really gorgeous though. If it wasn’t, I probably would’ve dreaded walking that far. Once we got there, someone told us that they’re not letting anyone swim in the falls anymore because the water got too intense & it’s risky for people to be swimming if the water runs that vigorously. We were kind of bummed, but we didn’t want to turn back after walking all that way. So we went to the Waimea Falls to take photos. The Boy really wanted to swim, but I just wanted to chill. So the Waimea Falls thing was kind of fail, but at least we got to experience being there & seeing the Waimea Garden.

After Waimea Falls we went to Waimea Beach Park since it was across the street. A bunch of people were cliff diving & it actually didn’t look as bad as photos made it seem. It isn’t that high up actually. I was going to do it, but then changed my mind. haha. He did it & took the gopro too. I chilled on the beach & took some photos.

We wanted to stay until sunset to watch it across the ocean & enjoy each other’s company, BUT THEN IT STARTED TO RAIN HARD. We didn’t even get to stay that long ); So we had to quickly pack our things & leave. After packing our things we were supposed to go to Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice since it was on our itinerary, but they were already closed! Honestly, if we got to Iolani Palace & got to take the early tour like we had planned, we probably would’ve been on top of everything else. We missed out on the Waimea Falls, rarely got to stay at Waimea Beach, it started to rain hard on us, & we missed out on the shaved ice. One thing pretty much created a domino effect. After Waimea, we headed back to eat Rainbow Drive-In for dinner. The mixed plate & strawberry slush lives up to the hype. I heard that the Loco Moco plate(?) was also good, but we didn’t get that one.

Once we got back to the hotel & parked in the parking garage, all the doors to the elevators were closed! So we had to take the long way back to the hotel. Everything today kind of just failed.
Even though Friday wasn’t as great as the other days, I had hope that the rest of the vacation will be better.

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