Day 3: Maunawili Falls x Makapu’u Lookout

Hawaii Time: 5:55AM
CA Time: 8:55AM

It’s so early, but I really can’t sleep. I feel horrible. I need a coffee so bad & I really need food. I’m thinking about going downstairs to the restaurant inside the hotel to eat food without the Boy ); I rarely got any sleep at all because I kept waking up to the itchiness of my bug bites! ))))); I have about 23 bug bites & it’s mostly all over my legs. I got all of these bug bites yesterday when I went hiking to go to Maunawili Falls. I bought bug spray for the rest of my hikes this week, but I really should’ve bought it earlier & maybe I wouldn’t have 23 bug bites! I researched that aloe vera gel/lotion helps so we bought that, but it isn’t helping at all! I researched last night what other remedies there are & apparently Therapik really helps. I’m going to go buy that once we leave the hotel because I can’t keep scratching. I think I may be slightly allergic to bug bites or mosquitos because every time I get a bug bite my bites flare up into big ones. That has always happened for as long as I can remember. I think the last time I had this many bug bites that itched so bad was when I went to the Philippines YEARS ago. You should really see my legs. It’s so bad ); Bugs really love my blood I swear! If vampires were real, I would be one of the first to be bit.

For Day 3 (Thursday), we woke up early (6AM) to go hiking to Maunawili Falls.

up before the sun

 The view on the way there was nothing less than beautiful.

tunnel vision

We’ve read that this hike was mostly covered by all the trees which is great so that we don’t have any sun beating down on us. Especially since we’re already sunburnt! It was a little confusing after the middle of the hike because there weren’t any signs to direct where the falls were located. We pretty much just followed footsteps & went off of what we read on Yelp about crossing a couple of rivers. LET ME TELL YOU, crossing those rivers is NOT easy AT ALL. I almost fell in one & I would’ve had a field day considering I had my DSLR in my backpack. It took what literally felt like forever to get there, but once we made it I felt very relieved.
The Maunawili Falls area was kind of small. There’s rarely any place to sit or put your stuff so if you plan on ever coming here, just pack light. It was relaxing at first once we arrived, but it quickly started to get over crowded. I guess this spot is really popular considering how many people started to arrive after us. I didn’t swim in the falls or jump off the cliffs into it like everyone else. I think I have this phobia about swimming in water that I can’t see clearly in or something. Plus, it started to get real crowded anyway so we didn’t stay long. Getting out of the hike was so much easier than getting in.

Overall, the views throughout the hike is so worth it. It reminded me of a jungle or Jurassic Park or something. It doesn’t matter if I show you a video or take good photos because no picture will ever do this place justice as much as having to be here to see it for yourself. If you ever plan on going here, PACK BUG SPRAY, pack light, & wear good shoes to hike in that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. The reviews about this place getting real muddy is literally no joke. Your shoes will get ruined with mud. It’s the messiest hike that I’ve ever been on. Use really good hiking shoes because you may end up slipping a lot throughout this hike.

After Maunawili Falls we went back to the hotel to shower, eat, & then went to Makapu’u Lookout.

The view was amazing, but the beach was more amazing. We didn’t do the Makapu’u Lighthouse hike since we just did a hike in the morning & we wanted to relax the rest of the day. We stayed there for a couple of hours. It’s hands down one of my favorite beaches thus far. It’s clean & more private/secluded/less crowded. I’ve been to plenty of beaches, but nothing tops this one. The water was clean, blue, & WARM. Not freezing cold like what I usually experience! The sand was also clean & soft. Ugh. It was so beautiful! I left a piece of my heart there.

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