Day 2: Hanauma Bay x Snorkeling

I didn’t have time to update last night because I KOed so here’s an update while he takes an hour nap! I also have videos I want to upload, but I don’t have the video capability of doing it right now so I’ll upload videos after vacation is over.
The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is so beautiful! We made reservations to go snorkeling here. There’s even an entry fee to go down to the beach & a mandatory 10-minute video for non-residents because they really want to keep this place clean & well taken care of since there are many creatures/fish that swim among the reef.

I’ve never been snorkeling before & it honestly wasn’t as bad as the Boy made it seem. I didn’t go too far out into the reef because I started struggling. I think that if I had a life vest, it would’ve made it easier because treading water while trying to discover what creatures were among the reef is TIRING. I choked up water at one point & I think it’s because I kept trying to go deeper into the water to see what was down there. If I had a vest, that probably wouldn’t have happened. I really wanted to see a turtle, but I sadly didn’t see anything ); Maybe if I had gone further out, I would’ve seen one.

I didn’t go snorkeling the entire time. I think I got a bit traumatized after choking up some of that water so I wanted to relax on the beach. Oh, I’ve never been sunburnt before, but don’t worry because I’m definitely feeling it now! I never knew that it stung this bad! )))));

I know this makes for a cute photo, but I cannot stress the weird tan lines I got from this. & this was only the second day!Β 

They have roosters & hens that walk around the picnic area!

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