My brother went to a friend’s wedding over the weekend & took his Nikon. He’s starting to get into photography so when he sent me these edits of his I was blown away at how good they really are. Not bad for someone that’s starting to get into it.
Everything I ever put out, I end up hating. The longer I look at a photo I took, the shittier it gets. It’s probably because I’m my harshest critic. Haha.
I’m extremely terrible at portrait photos. If you’ve been following me long enough you can tell that I rarely post portrait photos (unless they’re photos of myself lol).
When I go out to explore, I’m more into landscape. It’s a different kind of feel. Idk if I can explain that feeling of going out to explore & take photos versus taking photos of people for photoshoots. I’ll probably end up doing both someday when I’m more comfortable with myself & what I’m doing.

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