My brother is starting to get into photography so we spent some time talking on Thursday about it. He had a lot of questions that I wish I had more of the answers to, but I’m still learning myself. It’s great knowing there’s at least someone else in this household that takes more of an interest in it besides me! He wanted tips because he wanted to take the Nikon out to the Warriors parade & surprisingly he got good & better shots than me since all of the players were cheering on his side. & he took up my advice about taking a bucket to stand on because it definitely helped. Apparently we were probably the only ones with a bucket. Some random black guy said to him, “Hey, what’s with the bucket? I saw this other short, little brown girl carrying one too. She was kinda cute. Why do you guys have that?” & my brother said, “Oh, it’s to stand on. & that girl you saw was my little sister.” & the black guy says, “Ohh! That’s smart! Oh, my bad man. I didn’t know she was your sister. haha.” Don’t really know why the guy would apologize it’s not like the black guy wasn’t so much more taller than him. What’s my brother gonna do? LOL.

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