BBQ at sister’s x graduation dinner at Oz for cousin Pin’s graduation

I had a full day yesterday. & when I mean “full” I mean that in terms of food. haha. I ate soooo much yesterday, but it’s okay since I didn’t eat dinner on Friday night. My sister had a BBQ lunch at her house. She had so much food. I wasn’t expecting THAT much, but it was fine because I enjoyed all of it. Later in the evening, I had dinner in Sacramento for a cousin’s graduation. I ate at this restaurant called Oz & it was good! It’s kind of like a hot pot I think. I should try more places like that around my area.
I can’t stand the heat. Idk how I’m going to be able to survive the rest of this summer. & it isn’t even July yet! Threw on a nice, casual summer dress that my sister bought me for one of my birthdays.

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