Warriors Parade

Luckily I was scheduled to be off today to begin with! Super blessed that I was able to experience this at least ONCE & a Giants Parade as well. Tip your hats to the Bay because they’re killing it! My dad was a Warriors fan & enjoyed the sport itself so I’m sure that if he were alive, he would’ve gone to the parade too. Although he isn’t here for me to be able to experience this win with him, I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m sure he was there with me or even watching from above. I’m thankful that he kept me & my friends safe from any harm especially after hearing about 3 people getting shot right after we left the parade ); For a moment during the parade, I realized what made this experience so much more gratifying & it was because I got to experience it with some of the people I care about & am most grateful for the most; my best friends. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more of these moments & experiences with each other.

I’m also glad I learned a few things from going to a Giants parade because I definitely felt prepared for this one ^_^

Photos below! I couldn’t get many good shots because the players were mostly cheering on the other side );

I came prepared!

Guy scaling street pole for photos

Klay look over here!


LMAO at the signs

Bogut was pretty much the only one that looked on our side );




Iggy, but he’s looking on the other side );



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