Alameda County Fair 2015

Haven’t had a Date Day in a really long time so this was something nice to do in the middle of the week since most of my weekends have been packed lately. It’s the opening day of the Alameda County Fair & I’m so glad I went the first day. I went last year the weekend before it was over & it was super crowded! It was sort of crowded today too, but not as bad as when I went last year. The food is awesome. I pretty much got the same things as last year. I got the kebob, corn on the cob, horchata, & the deep fried nutella. I didn’t get to try the hot dog because I was full. & again, I won myself a prize! Last year I think I won a minion. I got myself a lion this time ^_^ I really wanted the pug, but I lost when I tried the game so he won it instead. I might go back next week with my friends. I hope so because I miss the food & I really want to hangout with everyone again. 
Some of the photos I took remind me of that scene from the Sandlot (:
traffic is boo boo

horchata & kebob

reminds me of Disneyland

“Say you’ll go out with me.” –Noah Calhoun from the Notebook hahah

this game will rob you! But we got the pug!!

bed babes

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