After a relaxing day at the beach, I went back to my hotel to wash off & then watched Tomorrowland at this luxury theater in Riverside. I went to this luxury theater for the first & only time last time I was here. I watched X-Men: DOFP here back in December. I could’ve just watched Tomorrowland at a regular theater because I really didn’t care for the film very much, but I’m rarely ever here so why the hell not.
One of my local malls is building a luxury theater, but it’s not going to be done until 2 years or so might as well enjoy this one while I’m here. Plus, idk when’s the next time I’ll be back in Southern California. I originally didn’t plan to go down South at all this year because I’m saving up for other trips out of state, but I needed time away from home.
The film had a great start, but I didn’t like the last half of it. It had a messy ending, the love story thing had more depth & screen time when it didn’t need to have it, the whole “planting idea in brains” thing is a little played out, & it kind of just seemed like this movie was made to teach everyone a lesson about us killing the earth. I kind of expected it to be an adventure/family film like National Treasure, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura, etc. But this film was too serious more than it was “fun”.

They have servers who bring food out to you. They take your order while you sit in your seat & then bring the food out after a while. The chairs recline, has a small table, has a small lamp, & there’s a button on the seat that you can push to call for a server. Cool concept, but expensive. That’s why they call it luxury.

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