Slaters 50/50

First time trying this place. I was originally planning on going to Eggslut in LA, but this place was also a spot I wanted to try & it was closer to my hotel so I set my mind on this. I went here today around 11AM. Definitely never too early for beer right? haha. It was an interesting burger. I think something about it threw me off though. I think it was the bacon patty or something. Good start to the day though.
After Slaters 50/50 I went to Downtown Disney since it was on the way home. I wanted to get a Disney 60 item, but I didn’t see anything that interesting or cool enough for me to buy.
I was going to buy something for my two godsons, but I already got them something from Disneyland I think? I’d rather get something for them when I go to Hawaii ^_^ After Downtown Disney I went to Anaheim Packing District.
I’ll also upload Downtown Disney+Anaheim Packing District photos whenever I get around to the Laguna ones.

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