Getty Museum

Good morning! It’s currently 8:37AM & I’m blogging from my hotel in Irvine. My body is so used to waking up early that I can never truly “sleep in” anymore.
Yesterday I left home around 730AM & arrived in LA around 1130AM. I went to the Getty Museum because I heard it was pretty here. I’ve seen a couple of users on my instagram feed going here so I thought, “Alright, why the hell not.”
Maybe because it was a weekend the parking was kind of hectic & plus, there’s no paid admission to go here (except paying for parking) so that’s probably why it was busy? They had a bunch of different exhibits. They had a small Degas room & of course, I almost teared up at his Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers. I cop feels whenever I get to see one of my favorite artist’s work in person.
For more information regarding Edgar Degas & future exhibitions, please click here.
Whenever I go to a museum, I always feel a sort of sadness that I get to see all this amazing work by great artists & my sister isn’t there with me. She’s always taken me with her to go to our local museums, but ever since she graduated from UC Berkeley we stopped going because admission is expensive. One of her two majors was Art History so whenever we would go to a museum together she was always able to explain every detail about a piece. I wish my dad was with me too because he would also enjoy going to these things.
Today I’ll be going to Snow Monster when it opens because it’s a definite must when I’m here. My dumbass went to the Westminster location last night because I didn’t know there was one here in Irvine. The one I went to last night had a really long line & I didn’t want to stay so I just ate pho next door because I wasn’t feeling well. After Snow Monster today I’ll be around the Laguna area! I’ll try to make a post tonight. If not, tomorrow morning. Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day!

this is a very detailed, most dope goblet I’ve ever seen

My mom & dad would’ve loved the tapestry room

I definitely want a bed like this. LAVISH.


The architecture here is amazing btw

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