Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. –Henry David Thoreau

It’s a bit frightening how much time flies. My nephew graduated today, my niece went to her Junior Prom today, & then I have another nephew who is going to be graduating in 3 years.
I swear it was just yesterday my nephew/the high school graduate was a toddler playing games with me & my brother. Now he’s 18, graduated, & off to new things. I couldn’t be any more proud of how much he’s grown & accomplished. & I’m so glad that I was able to witness his growth throughout the years.

Weren’t we just kids a while ago messing around & making each other cry during family parties? We were all pretty terrible to each other, but those are probably the moments that I felt were the most precious. We were all young & didn’t have much to worry about. All we cared about was having fun together.
When I was younger, I always looked forward to our family parties because I had the chance to hangout with my cousins & play. Now it’s harder for everyone to get together because of other obligations or other responsibilities so when we actually do get together, it sometimes feels like it goes by too quick. Value & appreciate the time you spend with the people you care about the most because you could look away for 2 seconds, look back & then realize that 5 years has passed instead. So make the most of moments & count your blessings!

Footnote about the Instagram cut-out board:
I originally wanted to make it before my Best Friend’s Grad, but I didn’t have enough time ); I think that if I was a better free-hand artist, making it would’ve been easy, but it REALLY wasn’t. You could actually buy a much better version of the instagram cut-out on Etsy for $30+, but I decided to make one instead which only cost me $10 for the supplies & you know, my blood, sweat, & tears. LOL. I made the picture, username, & caption interchangeable so that I could use it for other events. I actually have to make the cut-out better. The cardboard was a little too thin to hold up even though it already has 2 layers. So I have to make time to glue another piece of cardboard behind it to make it more stable. I would probably be a fun Pinterest mom when I get older. Except, people probably wouldn’t re-pin my ideas because my crafting skills aren’t that great. haha.

my favorite

I loved my cousin’s whole floor plan & decor ideas. I started putting ideas together in my head of what I would want to do in the future! Everything was so organized which made the process of setting up a whole lot easier ^_^


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