Alexander’s Steakhouse

Ate at Alexander’s Steakhouse on Wednesday night for our anniversary. I love steak & I love it when it’s made well. It was good, but I don’t like it better than Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse or Morten’s. We’ll probably try House of Prime Rib one of these days. I got real sleepy off of that wine.
I probably won’t be able to update this blog as much as I want after today. The next couple of days are going to be full of events so you know what that means right? A hell of a whole lot of pictures, a hell of a whole lot of editing, & little time to do everything/update.

Today will consist of work, laundry, picking out ‘fits for this weekend, waiting for my lens to come in the mail, homework, packing for my quick trip to SoCal, cleaning my shower, getting my nephew’s grad gift & finishing his surprise, & then watch Tomorrowland tonight at the theaters.

Tomorrow/Saturday I will be attending my nephew’s graduation that starts at 9AM, but I have to be there probably an hour early to look for parking. So that means I have to wake up even earlier to get ready. & then he’s having his graduation party after as well.

Sunday I’ll be having a family get-together at my Uncle’s for Memorial weekend. & that following night I’ll be leaving for SoCal.

Monday-Tuesday I’ll be in SoCal enjoying myself because I need time away from home.

The next couple of days my body will definitely be running on coffee. Wish me luck! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend ^_^

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