We said we weren’t going to get each other anything, but somehow it never happens. Lol. I was going to surprise him with the Kyrie 1’s, but I came home from work on Wednesday & he had apparently beat me to a surprise first. He even had Edible Arrangements sent to my work, but I was already off by the time they got there so they sent them over to my place instead. I love Edible Arrangements because I LOVE fruit. He also told me he bought me the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit, but they didn’t deliver it in time. That’s okay though because I’m not in a rush for it. He didn’t even have to get me anything really. I really didn’t even want anything, but of course I appreciate all of his surprises.
He said we’re going to trade in the tank top for a wind-runner because he didn’t realize that I didn’t need any more tank top for our hikes. I need a light jacket or something.
Kyrie 1’s

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