Had a bonfire at Davenport for Charmaine’s Birthday. Last time I went here was in 2010 & it was way more secluded, clean, & nicer. Idk what happened ); I did feel safer though that there were plenty more people on the beach because the last time I went with my brother & cousin, we were the only ones there doing a bonfire so it felt kind of scary. Even though I was all bundled up, it was pretty cold & I’m already really sick so we didn’t plan on staying too long. Haven’t done a bonfire in a real long time. I think the last time was in 2011? Maybe I should do one with my cousins this summer. I think it would be pretty fun ^_^

I want the sea to swallow me whole

You’re killing me Smalls! This is s’mores stuff alright?! Now pay attention!

does anyone else see the face?

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