Best Friend’s Grad/Nurse Pinning Ceremony!

I worked from 7AM-around 1030AM, went home to shower/get ready & put together the Future Nurse Survival Kit, & if plans didn’t get a little messed up I would’ve been able to sneak a little nap in there somewhere ); My friends & I met up & carpooled to our other friend’s grad/pinning ceremony. I’m so proud of her! She’s come so far & I’m glad that I’m able to witness her grow throughout high school & college.
We all went to eat dinner at Mexicali Grill with her family & spontaneously decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 with just the girls. I fell asleep a little bit during the middle of the movie because I was so dead tired. I came home around 2AM. Idk how people can stay out all night. Clearly I’m not cut out for it. haha. I’m definitely living the grandma life.
got a lot of compliments on my shoes, but they aren’t shown here. haha. I can’t believe I wore high heels for that long period of time. They weren’t that bad though!


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