I got Baked in San Francisco x My first time & only time

I finally got the chance to try Mr. Holmes bakery! I’ve been meaning to go there for about 2 weeks already, but I’ve just been so busy with work & other obligations. Have you noticed that I’ve barely had any adventure or exploring time? The last time I went exploring was 2 months ago. My soul is very deprived right now & has been for a couple of days ):
Today wasn’t an exploring/adventure day, but it was a day to just get out & go food exploring & run a few errands.
I only got about 2 hours of sleep because I was up last night trying to write & I guess I just let time pass before I realized it was 430AM & had to be up at 630AM to make it in time for this bakery. Why? Because apparently the line gets long & once they run out of their famous “cruffins”, that’s it for the day.
When I arrived there, there actually was a pretty long line, but they still had plenty of their cruffins left. & guess what? They limit to two cruffins per person. Can you believe that?!?! Besides their cruffins, I also got a box of their choux bombs, & passion fruit doughnuts.
The cruffin is real good & sweet, but it gets messy. The choux bombs I have yet to try. I got full after one cruffin. haha. & the passion fruit doughnut was actually better than I expected. Normally, I don’t like any filling inside of my doughnut whatsoever. I HATE filling so I am very surprised to say that their passion fruit doughnuts were real good. & that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like filling inside! I don’t even like pastries or my bread “flaky”, but it was worth the try. I just don’t think I would go back here or out of my way to stand in line for pastries.
took a picture of this little fellow in front of me because the dog looks like my dog Chloe haha
the famous cruffun
my first time & only time ever getting baked. hahahahaha



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