Mother’s Day 2015 x Lake Elizabeth

I woke up early (with only 3 hours of sleep) so that I could get ready, buy flowers, & buy a card for Mother’s Day.
I bought my mom a Nordstrom gift card for Mother’s Day only because she’s been asking for one for about 2 years already. Every birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas for the past 2 years has just been a Nordstrom gift card because she wants to buy something there. & she wants to accumulate gift cards only towards her purchase. I don’t even remember what exactly it is that she wants there.
I also bought her tulips because it’s her favorite flower (hence why it is also mine too). I also bought her a card & wrote a little message in it. I’m trying to write more in the cards that I give to people because I feel like it means so much more when you do.
Every year my family usually has something going on for Mother’s Day, but there weren’t any plans this year. So I spent most of my day with LOJ/church at Lake Elizabeth. I very rarely get to spend time with anyone outside of church because I work too much or I have something going on with my family so today was definitely nice to hangout with everyone. We were there for a couple of hours & we left around mid-noon so that I could go home & greet my mom.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! This day is for all the mothers who also took the role of the fathers, the father who also took role of the mothers, for aunties or sisters who we see as a second mom, & any guardian whom we also see as a mother. Shouts to all of you!

Now that I’ve updated this blog & sorted through photos, I’m going to watch Game of Thrones! Finally a new episode to watch since I already watched the first 4 episodes that leaked a couple weeks ago ^_^ Also going to watch Mad Men & OUAT!

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