Adult loaded questions

Had a potluck with friends a few days ago. I rarely get to see any friends now a days because everyone’s usually busy or it’s tough trying to accommodate around everyone’s schedules. Although not everyone was there, I still had a good time regardless. I really do miss everyone. It’s nice seeing almost everyone again. We’ve never really ever just chilled at someone’s house, eat, & catch up so it was great chill day which is what I felt we needed anyway(:
We played Adult Loaded Questions & it was my first time playing it, but I thought it was great. I like it better than Cards Against Humanity because it allows you to be more creative whereas Cards Against Humanity has all the cards set for you. I apparently won because I kept getting the favorite vote for answers. It’s fun when people don’t expect the kinds of answers I put out there ^_^ I swear to you that my mind isn’t that dirty. It just let me be more creative that’s all. haha. 

It was a much nicer day than the previous. Mid-70s today & I feel like it’s only getting hotter. I have a slight cough/cold, but it could be because of the weather change or because I’m working with about 3 other people who are currently sick ); But hey, that doesn’t stop me from dressing with the weather!

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