Macaron ice cream sandwich fail x milk tea fail x taco tuesday fail

Today was just a day of food fails. I went to get a macaron ice cream sandwich, but only to find out when I arrived there that they weren’t even selling it today. I swear I thought they only don’t sell it on Mondays. So I just got little macarons instead. They were still good, but I preferred to have an ice cream sandwich. I went next door to eat pho since I woke up feeling sick this morning & I needed a soup fix. After lunch, I went to a different milk tea place called “T’Mates”. Albeit the decor was cute, the drinks weren’t satisfying at all. Trust me. I’ve been to plenty of milk tea places. Not just here in NorCal, but SoCal too & I literally have never had a drink taste so foul that I threw it away after the first sip.

If you’re a fan of TPumps, you’ll probably like this place. If you like TPumps & think it’s good then I’m sorry, but I don’t trust your judgment in milk tea. lol. The reason why I think TPumps isn’t all that great is because it’s “Americanized” milk tea. TPumps uses a bunch of syrups mixed with mediocre tea that you lose that authentic tea taste in the drinks. The drinks are watery & bland. & when you let your drink sit for a long period of the time, the powder/syrup separate from the milk/tea. & THAT’S disgusting & THAT’S why I think TPumps isn’t good. I’ve been to plenty of other milk tea places & my drinks don’t do that. It shouldn’t do that. If you have a bunch of reviews or people that said they ACTUALLY WORK at a milk tea place, you should consider their opinion. I resonate with those people because they know what a tea drink is supposed to taste like & it’s not like this Americanized milk tea (powder/syrup/fake sugar). The reason it’s so popular is because of the hype. Some instagram-famous person probably put it up on instagram & you got a bunch of people thinking it’s the greatest milk tea ever even though it’s not authentic tea. If you’re the type of person who has never/doesn’t like drinking straight hot brewed tea by itself, then that’s probably why you like or think TPumps is good because you can’t taste the authenticity of the tea. Plus, I question the type of people who would actually wait 45 minutes for a milk tea. Go somewhere else where they use real tea.
Lesson of the story: never going back there again. If I wanted to taste ass, I would’ve just gone to TPumps.

I was supposed to have Taco Tuesday night with my co-workers, but on the way there the group message was up in the air about having it or canceling. So I didn’t want to drive all the way there only for it to be canceled. Granted, I live the farthest out of all of them so I just turned around & had Taco Tuesday night at home. I was going to be there tomorrow morning anyway since I have an early morning shift. Going back to back to a place/area that I’m already at pretty much HALF of my time/life, is mentally exhausting. I really need my space/time away to recuperate. It’s what makes me feel better, mentally. Plus, I got the chance to catch up on Bates Motel, OUAT, & the Flash.

The nachos were gooood. Their horchata & tacos are VERY eh.

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