vacuum cleaner x cute wrapping paper

My co-workers are awesome because they got me a vacuum cleaner for my Secret Santa gift & wrapped it with my favorite wrapping paper. I know, it’s an extremely late Secret Santa gift. There was a mix-up with the Secret Santa thing a couple weeks ago that ended up with me not getting a gift at all because apparently, no one “picked” me.

To be honest, finding out that no one had me made me feel left out, sad, & under appreciated.
For one thing, I didn’t even want to do Secret Santa in the first place because at the time around Christmas, I didn’t have much money to get my siblings or my mom anything & then it made me feel worse finding out that I got a gift for my Secret Santa, but no one even got me.
The whole concept of Secret Santa is to get a gift for someone & then receive something in return. If you got a gift, but didn’t get one for someone else in return, then you shouldn’t be participating at all. The honest thing to do would’ve been to say, “Oh, you didn’t have to get me a gift because I don’t plan on participating.” instead of accepting a gift & then leaving someone else out of it. & if you don’t plan on participating, don’t pick a name out of the bag & then not put it back. It ruins & throws off the whole cycle of it all.
Second, I felt that I care a lotΒ (almost too much in fact) about work & I work extremely hard to follow the rules & do as I’m told. & I find out that I ended up getting left out of the Secret Santa which was supposed to be an event that all of the co-workers could share together. It just made me feel super left out & sad about the whole ordeal.
I know I sound all super sensitive about the whole thing, but I already feel so left out of other areas in my life that it made me feel even worse that I felt left out at work too.

Aside from the whole Secret Santa mix-up, I’m happy with my gift that my other co-worker ended up getting for me anyway even though she already had someone else. I know at my age, it’s a weird thing to want. Everyone my age either wants money, gift cards, shoes, makeup, brand name hand bags, or concert tickets. But everyone at work knows that I’ve been wanting a vacuum cleaner for 2 years already. LOL. It’s just that the good ones are super expensive, but I am so grateful that I have this mini one for my room now ^_^ & it was also wrapped with cute wrapping paper! Toy Story is such a classic movie & I love the little aliens.
To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting it. I just love it so much because it was extremely thoughtful that when I say things like, “I really want [item inserted here]”, it isn’t just nonchalantly going in one ear & out the other. To me, it’s just meaningless conversations to pass the time only to have my words registered in another person’s mind & THATΒ is what made it special.

Thank you to my kind co-workers that actually listen & remember all the random things I say at work :p

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