Sushiritto x PlenTea x Pineapples

My niece is on Spring Break this week so I decided to take her out since she said she hasn’t done anything all week ): I’ve been busy working, but after I got off we headed to SF to eat & then headed to the beach after. I’ll make a separate post for the photos I took at the beach whenever I’m done going through them+editing. I was pretty exhausted since I had work, but I think I was also lacking energy because I hadn’t eaten yet.

Grabbed Sushirrito before they closed. I always get the same thing now because I really like shrimp & I like tempura so having both is a win for me. After grabbing food, we headed over to PlenTea.

I finally got my order right this time! The first time we went here, I got the sea salt oolong crema & I didn’t like it. I think it’s because I didn’t shake it, but in general I don’t like sea salt so I never got that again. The second time, I got the brown sugar pudding milk tea & I messed up that time too because I ordered taro pudding instead of egg. FINALLY, I got it right today. I got the brown sugar egg pudding milk tea with pearls.
I thought my drink was good, but I think their pearls are hard. I really wanted Purple Kow today too, but PlenTea was closer to Sushiritto. A Purple Kow opened up near my location, but I don’t trust milk tea places that have a soft opening. The drinks always take long or they’re made wrong. I’d rather go to the original location where I know they’ll get my drink right (especially since it’s my favorite milk tea place & has my favorite drink). Bella was telling me that all her friends were raving about PK. Everyone in SJ that hopped on PK since the recent opening…..Y’ALL SLEPT…..REAL HARD. lol. PK been good since 2 years ago. How come no one ever listens to me???????
We also brought back our jars because HELP SAVE THE EARTH BY REDUCING WASTE & I didn’t want to take home new jars again since my mom was complaining that we have too many glasses/cups at home :p

After PlenTea, we headed over to Pineapples. I was our first time there & the wait time was too long. Granted, it was actually really hot in SF today too, but idk if I would want to go there often. It didn’t taste exactly like the one at Disneyland, but it’ll suffice. Plus, I don’t want to complain about it since it’s the closest thing I have until the next time I go back to Disneyland (which I don’t know when that will be).

IT’S LITTTTTTTTT. (our soft serve was melting quick after this photo haha)
My mom brought home cute little desserts for my sister’s birthday today. I don’t have enough money saved up right now to buy my sibling’s nice gifts for their birthdays, but I have a good idea now about what I plan on getting them for Christmas this year ^_^

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