Date Days: baseball, burgers, & beer with B = a few favorite things allin one

We didn’t really plan on going to many games or any games at all this year because we should be saving money, but he really wanted to see the players get their rings. Plus, he really wanted the replica too. haha. I also ended up seeing one of my cousins too, but didn’t get to converse since we were both in different lines.

It’s nice to be back at AT&T Park. Idk why, but I really love the vibe of everything whenever I’m there. Not sure if it’s the vibe of baseball in general or if it’s the Giants vibe. I just know I don’t feel the same vibe when I’m watching the Warriors or the Niners.
It was such a nice day out. It’s been so nice in SF lately so of course we all should take advantage of the sunny weather. It did start getting cold after sunset. I haven’t been to a game in a while so I need to remember to bring another jacket with me next time I go to a night game.

They had people sky dive to present the first like 4 rings or so. I’ve never been to the previous ring ceremonies so it was cool seeing this for the first time.

They serve milk tea now!

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