Tahoe Day Trippin’

Good morning! There’s so much work that needs to get done today, but I want to blog first since it’s still early.

Yesterday, Jeremiah & I finally used our passes to go snowboarding. We bought them in early February because we had two planned trips that didn’t work out because of all the snowstorms that were happening.

We drove straight to Sierra-at-Tahoe from Sacramento & it only took us an hour & 30 min. vs. 10 hours!!!! That’s how long it normally should take 😩

Once we got there, it wasn’t that tough to find parking. It actually wasn’t that busy as opposed to the other times we went. I’m just going to assume that because it was sunny, people are less likely to go or maybe people had weekend plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

I got off the first lift successfully!

Kirzten: 1

Jeremiah: 0

We didn’t take out the GoPro until our second run because we wanted to see how long we’d board before falling.

& we only fell twice!!!!!!! I ate it the second time where I ended up hurting my wrist, but the fact that we only fell twice is a record! We did so horrible last time & it was the first time we ever used our boards since we bought them. I have a friend that said we probably kept falling because we didn’t get our boards waxed. She said that if your board looks like it has string/hair on the bottom, it’s harder to board because it will stick to the snow causing you to fall a lot. I’m glad we were able to finally snowboard somewhat successfully this time.

We went on the green/easy trail first called “Sugar & Spice”, but made a left turn on intermediate/blue trail called “Lower Main” which is a pretty steep heel that you can kind of see in the below photo. I pretty much just “leaf” the whole way down every time because I didn’t feel like dying 😂

We did our first run!

After our first run, we had lunch & gave our legs a break. That hill you see on the left in the bottom Photo is the one we went down at the end of our first run.

We headed back up the slopes at 2 PM because we wanted to get one last run in before they closed at 4 PM.

We did “Sugar & Spice” the green/easy trail the whole time, which we regretted very quickly. I forgot that the rest of “Sugar & Spice” sucks because it’s so flat that you don’t really get to move or learn vs. going down a hill.

I’m doing so much better! My legs just hurt so much. It’s like I’m doing squats forever 😭

It wasn’t that busy on the trails at all, but like I said, it’s probably because it was sunny? It was tough trying to snowboard in the heat. Jeremiah & I took our jackets off & just went in our long-sleeves. There was a group of guys just going shirtless too.

Of course I had to stop & take a photo of the view up there!

At the end of the day, Jeremiah was really proud of me for only falling twice & that I did so much better! We might invest in a season pass next year so that we could go more. We always just do one trip a year which doesn’t help us learn as much, so we want to go more often so that we can gain more experience & get comfortable.

Hurt Wrist

Jeremiah & I finally went snowboarding today! 🏂 We have passes to the ski resort that we bought ahead of time to use for the two trips we had planned this year. Unfortunately, both fell through, so we really wanted to use our passes as soon as possible before the season ends.

After snowboarding, we had dinner at Sushi Q & the food was good. They didn’t have imitation crab though, so Jeremiah couldn’t really eat anything 😔 We just shared a plate of short ribs & he got a fish roll.

Museum of 3D Illusions

Over the weekend Jeremiah & I checked out the Museum of 3D Illusions that opened up in San Francisco. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as the other pop-up art museums/installations that have been coming to SF like the Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory, Candytopia, 29 Rooms, etc.

My sister had visited the museum when it was in LA & mentioned that it does seem to have less popularity than the other ones she had experienced & heard of.


You can buy tickets online through their website & they also have deals for students, teachers, seniors, military, etc. To purchase the tickets with the discount, you have to purchase them in person at their front desk.

Also, expect parking to suck as it is right across Pier 39 which is one of SF’s popular tourist spots.

Spring Forward

With Daylight Savings, we lost an hour of sleep! 😭
I spent the day working, but yesterday I actually went out. It was my Dad’s death anniversary yesterday & every year I turn off my phone notifications & kind of just lay low. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just stay home & be by myself or go out, but I decided to go out last minute to check out this new pop-up museum in SF called 3D Illusions. I’ll post on that later.

“Our enemy doesn’t tire, it doesn’t stop, it doesn’t feel.”

The Game of Thrones season 8 trailer dropped a few days ago & I am so stoked! I’m excited, but also sad at the same time because it’s going to be the final season.


Now, for discussion! Jeremiah & I are anticipating so much to happen, so we discussed some questions below:

What are you hoping to happen in the last GoT season?

J: I think they’re going to lose the battle of Winterfell.

Me: So many people are going to die! I’m mentally preparing myself for it now. I think they’re going to lose the battle of Winterfell too, but win the “final battle”.

J: Yeah, me too.

Do you have any theories of who will end up on the throne?

J: I think it’s Jon. It would be too good of an ending if it’s both Dany & Jon

Me: Jon. What if there just won’t be a throne at the end though?

J: It’s possible. Maybe Jon will start a democracy of some sort.

Who do you think will die?

J: Cersei, guaranteed. I think Jorah is dying. Probably Daenerys?

Me: Why?

J: Well, how can she be a ruler if I’m picking Jon to be? I don’t see how she could still be alive. Maybe she’ll sacrifice herself or something. I guess that makes sense. She works the entire series to get to the throne & she sacrifices herself to save the people.

Me: Definitely Jorah & Beric. It looks like Greyworm is going to die by the looks of it in the trailer. I feel like Brienne is going to die too. Probably by sacrificing herself to save Jaime or something. I feel like they’ve always had this special bond or friendship, so it would make sense if she would do that. Cersei is definitely dying. I’m still holding onto the theory that Jaime is going to be the one to kill Cersei. If any of the Stark children were to die, I’d say it would be Bran? I feel like I’m just saying that because it could be Arya, but I really don’t want her to die. Lol. Tormund will probably die too.

Which character(s) would you be emotional about if he/she died?

J: I’d be pretty sad if Arya dies.

Me: Same

J: I don’t want Tormund to die.

Me: Okay. Anyone else?

J: Brienne maybe? I think that’d be sad. What about you?

Me: Jorah, Brienne, & Arya.

Trailer discussion:

So what do you think Arya is running from in the trailer?

J: Nymeria, turned into a wight.

Me: Arya isn’t scared of anything, so I’m assuming a White Walker since she’s never seen one? Nymeria is a good theory too! She could be scared & also saddened that it’s someone she cares about.

Varys looks scared in the crypt. Do you think he’s going to die?

J: I think the crypts will be attacked, yeah. But I don’t think he will die.

Me: I don’t think he’ll die either, but yes, I do think they’ll be attacked. It seems like the Night King & his army are one step ahead. Looks like they may already be in the crypt & no one knows that yet.

That scene with Jon & Dany on horses, do you think they’re arriving in Winterfell or leaving?

J: Arriving

Me: Wouldn’t they arrive on the dragons?

J: No, I don’t think Jon learns to ride on the dragon until later.

Me: Sansa sees the dragons for the first time!!!!! SHOOKETH

What do you think Gendry is doing?

J: Making weapons.

Me: No Valyrian steel?

J: (sighs) I agree with Jason, it would be too much of a cheat if they figured it out.

Me: So you don’t think they’re going to make Valyrian steel at all?

J: No, I don’t think so.

What’s up with Cersei & her drinking wine?

J: Looks like she knows she’s about to lose, so she’s just like f- it, I’m going to drink some wine.

Me: Do you think she just lost the baby & maybe that’s why she’s drinking wine?

J: I would assume she’s drinking & she already lost the baby at that point because she didn’t drink in Season 7 when she knew she was pregnant.

The Hound! Is Clegane bowl finally happening?

J: Yeah, of course.

Me: Do you think the Hound will die?

J: No, I think he wins.

Jon is going to ride Rhaegal!




There is so much we discussed from the trailer such as theories about the Winterfell crypts, but we don’t want to go into depth too much & be disappointed! Since its the very last season, we really just want to go into it & enjoy it.

What about you? Answer the questions above, below in the comments section!

When The Weather Isn’t On Your Side

Processed with VSCO with oc preset

What should’ve been a fun weekend in the snow with the kids ended up being a total bust.

I feel awful about

  1. how the weekend went
  2. being sick in bed with a really bad fever
Processed with VSCO with oc preset

We all ended up being stuck on the mountain for 10 hours because of accidents that kept occurring. We stopped by Sacramento to get our snowboards & food. Once we got there, we looked at our maps & it said it would take 3-4 hours to get to Tahoe, which ended up being a totally false because of all the accidents that kept happening. I think one of the reasons traffic was flowing real slow was because cars were driving in one lane when there were two.

Valentine’s Day 2019

This year Jeremiah & I really didn’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day & we agreed a couple of months ago that we will not do presents for each other since we have other things we want to save up for.

I feel like as the years pass, the “holiday” starts to become more irrelevant? Of course the first few years we always did something like give each other presents or have a date planned, but we really didn’t have anything this year. I think as the years pass, flowers & a card is okay with us. We just want to spend time together even if it means staying in to watch a movie.

We still got each other a card! I always look forward to any kind of card I get from anyone. I think it’s really meaningful. I already had planned what I wanted to write in Jeremiah’s card for a while now. We have ideas for next year 😂